Definitions for "PREPAYMENTS"
Money you pay before getting medical care; also referred to as preadmission deposits.
Something you have paid in advance of the liability arising. For instance, you may pay telephone rentals quarterly in advance.
the amount of an expense which relates to a future accounting period, e.g. rent paid for the quarter to 25 June includes 86 days after a 31 March period end - the relevant proportion will be prepaid to be an expense in the next period of account
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Any amounts that have been paid for goods and services not received by the end of an accounting period. Shown as a current asset in accounts.... more on: Prepayments
A payment for goods or services before they are received.
Transaction where you pay for goods or services before you receive them – e.g. annual insurance premium. Prepayments are the opposite of Accruals.
Voluntary payments in addition to regular mortgage payments.
Payments made in excess of scheduled mortgage principal repayments.
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Proceeds sale Processing Delay
The borrower is typically allowed to make optional prepayments at will.