Definitions for "Advance Payment"
a risky transaction where the Agency/Project Manager releases funds from his account prior to the delivery of the work (or percentage of work being accepted), is competed
a risky transaction where the buyer releases funds from escrow before the delivery of the work is completed
Value of supply , usually 15%, Paid in advance or at delivery.
Funds given by the buyer of goods to the seller prior to shipment, often just a percentage of the value of the goods with the remainder paid after shipment.
a disbursed sum of cash as line of the credit or in the form of the payment for
an authorized payment of the money ( check ) next to the university, directly to third individual ones or in aid of the advance route
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Pay beforehand; up front.
a loan of the check of the credit of no
Trading method in which the buyer pays for the goods before they are sent out , method is used when buyer is of unknown credit worthiness.
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Premiums that are paid in advance of due date.
Premiums paid in advance of the current policy period, including the amount tendered with an application by an applicant for Life Insurance. (G)