Definitions for "Cosigner"
A person who signs the loan in addition to the borrower. The cosigner is equally responsible for the loan. Most students applying for a Brazos HELP Loan will need a cosigner unless they are employed full-time while in school and meet additional income and credit guidelines. A cosigner must be a U.S. Citizen. A cosigner can be a relative, parent, spouse or a friend. International students may apply with an eligible U.S. cosigner.
A cosigner is someone who takes equal financial responsibility for a loan. Usually someone would need a cosigner if they did not have enough credit to support the loan they are trying to acquire.
A person or people who sign a contract with the bondsman stating they will pay any expenses the bondsman incurs returning the defendant to court if the defendant fails to appear. The cosigners are also responsible for payment of the bond premium.
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Same as accommodation party.
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One who sends a shipment.
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Cost Basis