Definitions for "MPN"
MASTER PROMISSORY NOTE. A legally binding document that sets the terms of your loan.
Master Promissory Note. A legally binding contract between student and lender that contains all the conditions and terms under which the student agrees to repay his/her loan(s) with interest.
Master Promissory Note. The legal document you sign to “promise” to repay your Direct Loan. This is a one–time requirement with your selected lender. If you decide to change lenders, a new MPN will need to be signed promising to repay that lender.
ller-Plesset perturbation theory of order N for electron correlation [ MØLLER (1934)].
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Most Probable Numbers
Most probable number.
Medical Provider Network. In California, any entity or group of providers approved as a Medical Provider Network by the Administrative Director pursuant to Labor Code sections 4616 to 4616.7.
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Microsoft Part Number