Definitions for "restructure"
Reorganize a companys operations.
To alter the terms of repayment of a debt, usually by extending repayment over a longer period of time, perhaps at a lower interest rate.
A revision of a financial agreement that alters the conditions or covenants of the original agreement. Parties may agree to restructure a loan agreement by: extending the loan term, lowering the monthly payment, lowering the interest rate, forgiving existing payment in arrears, reducing principal owed, etc. Restructures are typically done when a borrower is in serious delinquency and risk default on a loan.
A Tutility (Table Repair) function that attempts to recreate a potentially damaged data table.
An operation to regenerate or rebuild the tables and views that DB2 OLAP Server created in your relational database.
construct or form anew or provide with a new structure; "After his accident, he had to restructure his life"; "The governing board was reconstituted"
Bringing about fairly major changes in the organisation of a company, by changing the management and/or the share ownership structure.
Change the terms of a mortgage. Usually adding back payments, late fees and accrued interest to the principle balance. Can also change the interest and/or monthly payments.
Changing the terms, rates conditions, or maturity of a loan.
A loan that remains in place but for which new terms have been negotiated. For example, if monthly payments are increased by a specified amount for the term of the loan, it has been restructured.