Definitions for "Reschedule"
The operation of changing the currently executing thread. This involves saving the register contents of the currently executing thread and restoring those of the newly executing thread. If the new thread is in a different process, there is a context switch too.
Usually means that the time table for the repayment of the loan has been revised.
Revised timetable for loan repayments, usually granting longer repayment periods and often involving new loans to pay old ones
To renegotiate the terms of a loan, reducing payments by extending them over time and/or forgiving a portion of the principal. Debt rescheduling has been a primary means of dealing with international debt crises.
to increase the duration of a loan, to delay the time when it has to be paid back.
The Synthesys Outbound Campaign Manager gives agents the ability to reschedule calls, either automatically (Eg: for calls where the agent hasn't managed to contact the customer), or manually to a date and time specified by the customer. Calls can be rescheduled either automatically or manually to a date and time specified by the customer.
The actions of the directive necessitated a rescheduling operation.