Definitions for "Privacy Policy"
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In the "Privacy Policy", the provider explains to the visitor the "General Conditions for the Handling of Data". These conditions must describe the type of data, the reason they are needed, their scope, the purpose for which they are intended, how they will be processed and how and to whom they will be forwarded. If the user chooses to utilize this service, he automatically accepts the terms of the provider's "Privacy Policy" (even if he failed to read those terms in detail).
Most reputable web sites that collect personal information have a prominently displayed privacy policy. This policy should outline the company's policies for use of your personal information, including whether or not they intend to resell it, or use it for other marketing purposes. respects the privacy of our members and recognize the value of offering a secure environment for them to trade. Because this website wants to demonstrate its commitment to your privacy, it has agreed to disclose its information practices through its comprehensive Privacy Policy.
a printed declaration stating the following salient guarantees
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a legal document, and it is enforceable
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