Definitions for "Opt In"
The act of a knowingly agreeing to receive email from a person or group
a process where by an online customer voluntarily agrees to start receiving email, usually commercial, about a topic of interest.
An ad or email that has been explicitly requested by the user.
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A direct, pro-active request by an individual e-mail recipient to have their e-mail address added to a specific mailing list.
asking to join an e-mail subscriber list
You can opt in to prescreened credit and insurance offer lists, direct marketing lists and individual reference service lists. Your name is automatically put on those lists by the CRAs and you can opt in if you change your mind after youâ€(tm)ve opted out.
A program that gives the user choice of participation..
In a privacy policy, a representation of an individual's implicit or explicit choice to accept the intended use of the individual's privacy-sensitive information. See also opt out.