Definitions for "POPS"
Persistent organic pollutants, a group of PTBs which are capable of long-range transport and deposition; they are believed to be transported primarily in the atmosphere. These have global effects. Most are already banned in Western Europe but some are still in use in developing countries. The POPs include the following 12: PCBs, dioxins and furans, aldrin, dieldrin, DDT, endrin, chlordane, hexachlorobenzene, Mirex, toxaphene and heptachlor. They fall into three groups: chlorinated pesticides; industrial chemicals; and emissions and by-products. POPs and other PTBs are being examined by various national, regional and international bodies with the aim of developing management strategies. More information
Persistent Organic Pollutants – chemicals that pollute the environment and are especially harmful as they stay around for a long time
see Persistent Organic Pollutants
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Willie Stargell. Pops wuz da Capin' uh da Famlee 'at wan da Werld Sirees bahck en 79! (Submitted by Marky Billson, Johnson City, TN (but committed to return))
ayroll netime/Appointment ayment ystem is used to quickly create and submit electronic payroll requisitions that allowed you to pay casual staff and the handling of overtime/under-time adjustments.
Pops is an elderly doorkeeper at the Muppet Theater. He would greet the week's guest star in every episode of Season 5 of The Muppet Show. He also had a major part as the innkeeper of the Happiness Hotel in The Great Muppet Caper.
Point Of Presence. An ISP's range of dial-in numbers. Search Engine. A web site that enables the user to search for other web sites by specifying keywords in the search field on the web site. Excite and AltaVista are examples of search engines.
A local geographic point of presence where a customer can access a telecommunications company’s services.
The population within a mobile operator's licensed area. Confusingly, within the Internet world, the same abbreviation is used to describe Points of Presence.
(P)robability (o)f (P)recipitation. Slight Chance .................10-20% chance Chance .............................30-40% chance Good chance .................50% chance Likely ...................................60-70% chance No remark .........................80% or greater
Low-frequency pops or thuds are caused by relatively large holes or spots in the positive soundtrack. Often these occur when bubbles form in the redeveloper bead during application, leaving spots in the soundtrack without silver, and light blue in appearance.
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salutation for all males (see gate and Jack).
Paperless Order Placement System
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is nothing else than POP trough a SSL or TLS tunnel. It protects the communication between a mail server and a mail user agent if the user reads and manage it's mail.
Used to quantify the number of potential subscribers in a market.
Probability of Precipitation.
Locations where a carrier has installed transmission equipment in a service area that serves as, or relays calls to, a network switching center of that carrier.
Population size that a network can theoretically reach and service.
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Post Office Protocol version 3
Purchase Order Processing System