Definitions for "PGA"
Pin Grid Array. A large chip carrier package which can have 28 pins or more (typically based on a grid of 0.100-inches) protruding from one flat surface, for through-hole connection to a printed circuit board. Usually made from plastic or ceramic. The chip die can be placed opposite the pins (cavity up), or can be nested in the grid array (cavity down)
An interconnection system for getting electrical signals into and out of a large integrated circuit, such as a microprocessor.
Pad Grid Array. A packaging technology in which a device's external connections are arranged as an array of conducting pads on the base of the package.
Professional Golfer's Association, whose objective is to promote the game of golf.
Professional Graphics Adapter. Early IBM analog graphics adapter found in the PC AT series. The PGA was capable of producing 256 colors with a resolution of 640 x 400.
Organization to promote the game of golf to everyone. It provides education and certification to its male and female members.
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program global area. A memory buffer that contains data and control information for a server process. A PGA is created by Oracle when a server process is started. The information in a PGA depends on the Oracle configuration.
Program Global Area. The PGA is a memory region containing data and control information for a single process (server or background). One PGA is allocated for each server process; the PGA is exclusive to that server process and is read and written only by Oracle code acting on behalf of that process. A PGA is allocated by Oracle when a user connects to an Oracle database and a session is created.
Program Global Area. A nonshared memory region that contains data and control information for a server process, created when the server process is started.
A three-carbon molecule formed when carbon dioxide is added to ribulose biphosphate (RuBP) during the dark reaction of photosynthesis ( Calvin, or Calvin-Benson Cycle). PGA is converted to PGAL, using ATP and NADPH.
polyglycolic acid — a polymer composed exclusively of repeating glycolic acid monomer units in the polymeric backbone or formed from glycolide precursors (a.k.a. polyglycolide).
Abbreviation for rofessional olfers ssociation.
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Phoenix Goodyear Airport
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Parliamentaery Grant in Aid
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Producers Guild Award
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The Company's monthly adjustment to adjust the average cost of gas sold through the Company's gas sales service rate schedules as set forth on Sheet G40 of this tariff.
Purchased gas adjustment
Programs for Genomic Applications