Definitions for "Personal space"
The distance that people routinely maintain from others. go to glossary index
The physical region all around us whose intrusion we guard against. This aspect of human behavior has been likened to territoriality in animals.
in group species this is the distance inside of which the intrusion of a fellow member of the species creates stress where that intruder is a mate or immature. In humans this distance is about an arm's length in western societies but is somewhat less in Mediterranean countries.
The "space bubble" that a dancer occupies, including all levels, planes, and directions both near to and far from the body's centre.
a limited amount of space allocated to each user for their private use. Private folders and personal objects such as the waste basket contribute to a user's personal account.
The space in which an individual works.
an individual Researcher's home page.
Pages that contain information for your personal use, such as your personal calendar. You access your personal pages from the workspace page.
The immediate area surrounding a person that the person claims as private.