Definitions for "space-time"
the four-dimensional coordinate system in which all physical objects of the known universe are located, and in which all physical events occur; it consists of three spatial dimensions and one time dimension; -- also called the space-time continuum.
A four-dimensional coordinate system, or reference frame, that physicists and astronomers use to describe the universe. Space-time has three spatial axes (x, y, z) and one time axis (t). A point in this reference frame is called an event, because it is something that happens in space and time. Einstein's General Theory of Relativity explains that the speed of light is constant between all reference frames, regardless of their motion relative to each other.
See Special Relativity.
Concept consisting of experience notions length, width, depth, and abstract idea time.
a much richer structure than a space, and one regrettably ignored by pure mathematicians, who write in the only language I really understand (essentially a sort of highly abstract picture, once you get into it