Definitions for "Soulmate"
soulmate: any person you meet and have a romantic involvement with who has a Spiritual resonance and attunement with your soul.
Have you ever had that feeling that you felt instantly comfortable and at ease with someone you just met? A soulmate is someone who shares similar personality traits. This connection adds more power points to a chart. Some compatibility charts have more than one soulmate connection. The more soulmate connections the greater the personalities would resemble one another.
a friend, a mate, a confident
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a dream, a fantasy, a fairy tale
an engaging and substantial compendium of verse by Edward F
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a connection beyond time, beyond flight, beyond space
Your soulmate is somebody you have a connection with. This person is ideal for you and your destiny. The soulmate principle is a central theme in the Night World series.-- Back.
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a forever thing between two people who truly love one another
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a mirror and a mirror tends to reflect perfectly
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a half of the whole