Definitions for "Animus"
Animating spirit; intention; temper.
Jung's term for the archetype of masculinity within the psyche of every woman. Jung equates this with the soul.
The masculine, projection producing archetype found in every woman.
Animus is a fictional character from the Philippine telefantasya Etheria, which is a prequel/sequel to the highly rated Encantadia. Animus is played by Filipino actor Paolo Paraiso.
Animus is a Greek Art Rock Group. Members of this band are Jorgos Kouinis (Vocals, Electric Bass Guitar), Arthen (Solo and Rhythm Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards), Charis Trataris (Rhythm Acoustic Guitar, 12-Stringed Guitar) and Christos Avrilionis (Electric and Acoustic Bass Guitars). The main element that characterizes Animus as a band is their international profile.
a feeling of ill will arousing active hostility
is ill will or animosity. Also, a prejudicial disposition towards a discernible usually legally protected group of persons or individuals.
ANIMUS is a world fusion music & dance ensemble based in the Philadelphia, PA area. Led by Bill Koutsouros, Animus has been creating unique original music since 1994.
Animus is considered to be that natural and primitive part of the mind's activity and processes remaining after dispensing with persona, which is the "mask" displayed in interactions with others and which has been shaped by socialization.
Male element, generally hidden in women or feminine-oriented men.