Definitions for "Payday Loan"
A cash advance loan made generally until ones next payday.
a loan where a borrower gets cash advanced based on his paycheck. These loans generally up are up $500 and must be repaid on the next payday.
a cash advance that is secured by a personal check that you provide to the lender
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a high-risk lending practice that is surprisingly easy to get
an easy way to do the things when you want to do them
a very expensive way to borrow money
a poor alternative to budgeting, self control in spending, and managing finances, but these are working adults and they, like anyone else has a right to spend money foolishly
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a last resort
a very opportune source to obtain quick money to pay bills, rent and other provisions
a binding agreement, and past due accounts can be reported to credit bureaus and can affect future credit
a useful process that can help with your immediate financial needs
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