Definitions for "LINE OF CREDIT"
A type of revolving credit account that allows you to borrow money, pay it back and then borrow again, as long as you don't exceed the preset credit limit. Interest is charged only on the amount borrowed. As you repay the balance, the amount repaid becomes available to borrow again.
An agreement with a lender in which the lender promises to lend up to a set amount within a specific period of time. Revolving lines of credit lower the available credit as money is borrowed, and raise the available credit as money is repaid. [go back to glossary list
A form of loan to be used only in the instance of a shortfall in net revenue for debt service or other financial commitments (i.e., a contingent loan). A line of credit, while similar to a letter of credit, is security available directly to the borrower/project sponsor with flexibility in use of the funds.
A short-term loan, usually less than one year.
A loan based on the equity of a person's property generally representing a ceiling of 80% of the property value.
A loan, similar to an overdraft, which enables you to withdraw and repay funds from time to time, within an authorised limit, without having to make regular repayment of capital.
a flexible financing option
a flexible tool that provides
a highly flexible form of interim financing that is based on the past performance and strength of personal or corporate covenants
an example of short term debt financing
a very flexiblie financing vehicle because it provides quick access to capital
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an excellent reserve, one that needs to be worked on for the long-run
a terrific tool for managing your cash flow, but the best time to apply for one is when you need it least
a bit more complicated and only is available for volume customers after they have a long standing commitment with us
a great way to prepare for the unexpected events of life, by making funds available to you when you need them most
Availability of funds by the lender based on the account debtor's ability to pay. Loan - to- Value Based on current market value, the cash from the value of an asset less any liens or encumbrances. To Top
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a good buffer in tough times
a backup in case the cash flows from your business fall a little short
a cost-efficient and convenient way to finance your business' operating expenses
a good thing -- particularly if you are good at avoiding using it unless absolutely necessary
a financial tool that is always there, allowing a homeowner more
an off- balance sheet financial instrument
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a great management tool
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a better option and comes at a much better rate
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a bit different