Definitions for "Nutritional Yeast"
Keywords:  brewer, cheesy, yeast, flake, nutty
Nutritional yeast is traditionally known as a "super" food. There are various yeasts available. Nutritional yeast is more nutrient rich than brewers yeast and tastes a whole lot better. Yeast is an excellent energy booster between meals has been known to help sugar metabolism. Because of the nutritional importance, this has been reported as beneficial for eczema, heart disorders, gout, nervousness and fatigue. This also enhances the immune system, and regulates the body's natural balance of yeast. See these special facts about why we include yeast in the formula. Nutritional Yeast is rich in: B vitamins, sixteen amino acids, fourteen+ minerals, including iron, potassium, calcium, and chromium, ten vitamins, and is sixty percent high quality protein.
Dietary supplement and condiment that has a distinct but pleasant aroma. Its taste varies from nutty to cheesy. It can be added to soups and casseroles or sprinkled on toast, popcorn or spaghetti.
Prized for its nutty taste and high nutritional content. Can impart a cheese or poultry-like flavor. Available in flakes or powder form, from natural food stores or by calling The Mail Order Catalog, 1-800-695-2241.