Definitions for "LMP"
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LMP is a modern music player with music search and management support. Winamp input,output and dsp plugins are supported in LMP.
The Link Manager Protocol carries the information between the master and slave Bluetooth devices, either via ACL or SCO. It also operates on one of the five logical channels. See Frequency Hopping or Specs.
The protocol used by two Link Managers to establish a Bluetooth connection.
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Acronym stands for ast enstrual eriod.
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Lumber, Millwork and Plywood
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Lunar Module Pilot. Something of a misnomer since the commander actually controls the lunar module. The LMP's responsibility was to operate the lunar module computer and pass information to the commander. The LMP is seated the right seat in the command module and occupies the right station at the lunar module controls.
The first day of your last period.
The date your last period started. This is used to calculate your due date and the date from which your 40 weeks of pregnancy officially starts.
Dating to the pregnancy from the first day of the LMP is called gestation.
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Le Mans Prototype
Locational Marginal Price
LOCATIONAL MARGINAL PRICING. a method of pricing the cost of congestion into electricity prices. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is introducing LMP under its standard market design proposals. LMP aims to encourage the efficient use of the transmission system by assigning costs to users based on the way energy is actually delivered.
Literary Marketplace. A directory of the book publishing industry that lists publishers and agents.
Licensed Massage Practitioner
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See Labour Market Program.