Definitions for "Keyframe"
the complete video image which is the basis for the following delta frames.
A pose in an animation or mover path that is used to interpolate the motion of an animation or of the movement of a mover. To see more info on Keyframes pertaining to movers, see the MoversTutorial document. Layer - ( Terrain Layer ) Hierarchical levels in the Terrain that allow Textures to be painted on and blended together on the terrain. For more on Layers, see the EditingTerrainLayers document.
keyframes are used in digital effect devices, switchers, and animation software to create a sequence of events. Each keyframe is a single event in a motion path. A series of keyframes can be programmed to create a complex event which may be executed with a single command.
a collection of Sprites and Sprouts in some sort of organization
a discrete time for which you associate a set of filter parameter values
a snapshot of the current parameters (tracks) of an entity at a specific position
Keywords:  timeline, marker, clip, denotes, tell
a marker on the timeline to tell Flash when there are other instructions to process
a marker that defines settings at a specific point in time, such as a clip's position on the screen
an object that resides on your timeline
a image in the video that is stored completely, and not just as the change from the previous file
a certain point in time when the settings for one operation change