Definitions for "Settings"
Customizable software features that affect the way the application works or looks. Though the default settings are recommended by the software maker, you can adjust the software’s default settings to suit your personal preferences. Handheld software settings are accessible via the HotSync or ActiveSync programs. Some Chapura software application settings are accessible via Start/Programs/PocketMirror/PMSettings.
A dialog box where you can set default values and customize your library.
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die Einstellungen
the degree to which multiple settings or environments are used for instruction and/or generalization (e.g., specialized: self-contained special education school, classroom, resource room, or work site; school: integrated, regular education classroom, library, cafeteria, playground, campus, etc.; community: integrated work site, post office, restaurant, store, public transportation, sports center, etc.)
User-specific preferences for Sun Java System Instant Messenger.
The record of the personal details related to an individual user, containing information such as, name, address, e-mail, and display preferences (if available), etc. Settings are used to set up a personal profile for the user, and are available only on systems that have user/password authentication. Simple search The basic search type for the novice user which consists of a text box for terms and a drop-down list to select the field. Stop Words Common words or characters that are ignored by the search engine, as they tend to slow down searches without improving the quality of the results. Stop words are reported as part of the query report. Stemming Automatic expansion of terms to include variants of the term based on different plural endings for words. Subscribed journals The journal titles within the institution to which all users are entitled to browse and search at no additional cost.
A set of MSN Search features that lets you customize your MSN Search page, how your results are displayed, where to search from, and your search results language.
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This refers to the information about how you want a playitem to display your photo for example cropping area, zoom etc.
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This is a menu option allowing you to set options such as i-mail blocked lists.
An option in the Start menu that allows you to alter how programs run and appear.
Settings applications Entries may appear in a separate menu or as part of a "Control Center"
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See - Claw.
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a very rewarding experience
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locale outdoors
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See algorithm settings and mining function settings.
an important part of configuring PC for recording DVDs
characteristic. For example, specifying settings means defining the characteristics of something. In general, settings are used to customize a program.
vi is governed by a number of internal variable called settings; these control how certain actions take place.