Definitions for "Inspection and Maintenance Program"
An emissions testing and inspection program implemented by states to ensure that the catalytic or other emissions control devices on in-use vehicles are properly maintained.
Auto inspection programs that are required for some polluted areas. These periodic inspections, usually done once a year or once every two years, check whether a car is being maintained to keep pollution down and whether emission control systems are working properly. Vehicles that do not pass inspection must be repaired. Enhanced I/M programs, using special machines to check for such things as how much pollution a car produces during actual driving conditions, are required for some severely polluted areas.
A motor vehicle inspection program implemented by the California Bureau of Automotive Repair. The purpose of the I&M is to reduce emissions by assuring that cars are running properly. It is designed to identify vehicles in need of maintenance and to assure the effectiveness of their emission control systems on a biennial basis. Enacted in 1979 and strengthened in 1990. (Also known as the "Smog Check" program).