Definitions for "Mot"
Ministry of Transport (NZ)
Ministry Of Transport (Roadworthiness certificate)
Ministry Of Trade
(1) Equivalent to Ilus, original cosmic substance or stuff which, according to the cosmogony of Sanchoniathon, was produced by the embrace of Chaos and Wind, a name for cosmic spirit as the Greek pneuma or Latin spiritus means both spirit and wind. Out of Mot proceeded the monads of the hierarchies of universal manifestation, and consequently the emanation of the universe. Like the Sanskrit mahat, it alludes to the cosmic womb out of which emanated the universe. (2) In Ugaritic, Mot 'Death' (spelled mt) is personified as a god of death.
From the primal beliefs that led to Judaism, the god of death and sterility opposed to Baal, a god of life.
In the fictional Star Trek universe, Mot is a rather talkative Bolian who works as a barber (despite being from a race that does not grow hair on their heads) on the USS Enterprise-D. Besides his regular job, Mot seems to also have the official duty of creating hairpieces for away team members in need of a disguise.
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A pithy or witty saying; a witticism.
Ontario Province's inistry ransportation.
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a clever remark
A word; hence, a motto; a device.
MOT is a Norwegian organization formed to combat youth violence and drug use. In Norwegian the word mot is a homonym, meaning both courage and against.
Maintenance of Traffic. An MOT plan is designed by the concessionaire to implement the various phases of construction and its effects on the regular flow of traffic.
(Maintenance of Traffic): A plan for the flow of traffic, especially during a construction project where road closures and detours are required. The MOT ensures that traffic moves efficiently.
MOT is a contemporary art gallery in East London run by Chris Hammond.
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A skunk-like animal
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one of the TimeKeeper Demons. Mot is the Demon of dawn and of hunger.
"mint on tree" item is usually an unassembled toy that needs to be separated from a framework and then glued or snapped together.
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A note or brief strain on a bugle.
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Abbreviation for "mirror on top."
Multimedia Object Transfer Transmission of multimedia data
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May; must; might.