Definitions for "Inspections"
Generally required in a sales contract to ensure soundness of the structure pinpoint any mechanical defects, and check for termites.
When AECC makes a Guaranteed Purchase Offer to the transferee, inspections will be ordered on the property by either AECC or the marketing assistance company. Typically, a general home, radon and wood destroying insect's inspections are ordered.
An examination of property for various reasons such as termite inspections; inspection to see if required repairs were made before funds are received, etc.
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Periodic audits of the workplace environment, including equipment, chemicals, building structure, documented procedures, records, and employee knowledge of job requirements and hazards. Inspections may be undertaken for the purpose of departmental self-evaluation or by Environmental Health and Safety or outside agencies for analysis of compliance with health and safety regulations.
Many states or counties require annual or biennial emissions and/or safety inspections. Odometer readings are collected at the time of the inspection.
Visual examinations to detect errors and standards violations in requirements, design, code, user documentation, test plans and cases, and other software development products.
Physical viewing of property to insure that work is being done on new construction that corresponds with construction draws.