Definitions for "Infiniband"
A standard created by Intel and other server manufacturers to link servers and network devices externally at high speeds. It should scale as high at 30GB/second,...
A high-speed networking architechture, consisting of third-party hardware and software,which increases the communication speed of CPUs, server-side devices, and network subsystems.
InfiniBand is a specification to connect I/O among many servers in a data center. It is positioned as a way to link storage, server clusters and networks. The specification, spearheaded by the InfiniBand Trade Association. is inspired by the channel-based I/O that has long been used in the mainframe world. Each device is connected to the InfiniBand fabric with host channel adapters or target channel adapters, depending on whether they are servers or devices used by servers, such as storage and network devices. The devices can be interconnected through an InfiniBand switch at rates of 2.5 Gbit/sec up to 30 Gbit/sec typical y.