Definitions for "Holistic scoring"
Keywords:  rubric, analytic, essay, overall, score
Method of scoring essays, products, and performances in which a single score is given to represent the overall quality of the essay, product, or performance without reference to particular dimensions (see Analytic scoring).
a scoring procedure that results in a single summary score for the whole or a piece of student work. Holistic scores are based on an overall impression of a student product or performance. Criteria are used in holistic scoring but result in a single score or description that reflects the single level of performance.
A type of grading in which an assignment is given an overall score. Possible scores are described in a rating scale. A high score indicates achievement of all aspects of the assignment, while a low score means few if any of the desired outcomes have been achieved. The score levels need to be specific enough to reveal meaningful,diagnostic information when the scores are aggregated. (Ewell, 1991; Palomba & Banta, 1999).