Definitions for "Grade Equivalent"
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The average test score obtained by students classified at a given grade placement. For example, a grade equivalent score of 7.4 indicates that the student performed as well on the test as an average student who has been in the seventh grade for four months. Interest Inventory: An individual survey of a person's preferences with regard to different factors related to work, such as environment, interpersonal activity, physical demand, education required, etc.
The school grade level for a given population for which a given score is the median in that population. Can also be applied to age equivalent. Ibid.
a type of derived score based on the grade at which an average person from a test-standardized population earns a given score. Note: Most test authorities and professional organizations such as the International Reading Association strongly condemn the use of the grade equivalent as well as the age equivalent in educational practice, chiefly on two grounds: because the individual is compared to members of another group from whom he or she may be very different, and because such comparisons have led to unfortunate educational policy decisions. See also grade norm. Cp. age equivalent.