Definitions for "Grading System"
The Maricopa Community Colleges, including GCC, use the following grading system: Grade Description Points per credit hour Excellent Above Average Average Passing Failure Incomplete Not computed in GPA IP In progress Not computed in GPA Audit Not computed in GPA Credit Not computed in GPA Withdrawn, passing Not computed in GPA Withdrawn, failing No credit
The process by which a teacher arrives at the symbol, number, or narrative presentation that is used to represent a student's achievement in a content or learning area.
Schools, colleges, and universities in the United States commonly use letter grades from "A" to "D" to indicate the quality of a student's academic performance.
a means of sorting particular types of food items into smaller, more homogeneous lots according to some criterion
Method of assuring greyhounds compete against racers of similar caliber; grades are assigned according to performance, with the top grade being "A".
a request to do so from the cattle industry
a voluntary system paid for by the beef industry
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