Definitions for "Incomplete Grade"
An grade of Incomplete is designated as "I". It means the student has not completed all requirements for a particular course. A grade of "I" is never assigned automatically by an instructor, but will be given only after the student has requested same from the instructor and has satisfactorily explained why the "I" grade is necessary. It is at the instructor's discretion as to award an "I" or another grade. An "I" grade must be removed within one calendar year or it automatically changes to a grade of "F". For active-duty military on Tuition Assistance (TA), the "I" grade must be removed within 120 days or the soldier will be required to repay the TA through payroll deductions.
a temporary grade, assigned at the end of a semester, to permit students additional time to complete work in a course
a temporary symbol given at the discretion of the instructor for work not completed due to serious interruption not caused by the student's own negligence