Definitions for "MCAT"
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Medical College Admission Test This test, which is required for medical school is given twice a year, once in April and once in August
Medical College Achievement Test. The exam required for all pre-med students for entry into medical school. Scored out of 45 (15 points per section), covering physics, biology, and organic and inorganic chemistry. Also includes a writing portion, which is scored by a letter from L to T (T being the highest). Good scores are considered to be 29-30 and above - a score of 45 is unheard of.
Medical College Admissions Test
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The MCAT is the Metadata Catalog. It is a database (using a DBMS) and contains all the information the SRB needs to function. This includes the location and physical path to each individual Data object (file), user and group information, and system and user defined metadata. Also see the MCAT Section in the FAQ and the MCAT writeup.
Metadata Catalog is a database that operates as an 'index' for the Storage Resource Broker ( SRB) by maintaining attribute information (name, location, permissions, etc.) for all files stored in that system.