Definitions for "Helpdesk"
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Helpdesk is a generic term referring to a customer support center that facilitates interaction between customers and customer service.
a person and customer support
a powerful yet easy to use module aimed at the corporate help desk
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This includes the Staff, Student and Online Helpdesk. These are people or applications that you can go to for help with your computer.
This is a student run help center for campus computer systems. They are located in L102-D.
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a team of highly qualified service minded Wayport EMEA technicians
Edit / In a business enterprise, the helpdesk acts as a place where the customer(Internal as well as External) can call to get help with a problem.It might b a single person with a contact phone no. or a group of experts.
The first point of contact for all incidents relating to information security.
Use "CIT Contact Center (HelpDesk)"; we're transitioning away from "HelpDesk."
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a fully web based solution providing detailed recording and tracking of user Help Requests
a web based software solution
a service that provides information and assistance to the users of a computer network