Definitions for "HCl"
Abbreviation and chemical formula of hydrochloric acid.
Hydrochloric acid or hydrogen chloride.
Hydrochloric acid. A dilute form of this acid will react with the mineral Calcite (Calcium carbonate) to create a distinct effervescence.
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Hairy Cell Leukemia. A rare type of chronic leukemia usually found in middle-aged men. HCL rarely requires BMT as a treatment.
Hairy cell leukemia. A rare form of leukemia related to chronic lymphocytic leukemia and characterized by the presence of abnormal cells with hair-like projections.
The list of all computers and peripheral devices that have been tested and are officially supported by Windows NT/2000/XP (see
Hardware Compatibility List
A list of computers and peripherals that have been tested by Microsoft to work with Windows NT or Windows 2000. If you run those operating systems on equipment...
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Hospices Civils de Lyon
Hollow Cathode Lamp. the most common radiation source for AA, consisting of a low-pressure inert-gas-filled tube containing an anode and a hollow cathode made from the element for which the lamp is to produce atomic line radiation. Current flowing through the lamp (3 to 30 mA) is carried by the inert gas and sputters atoms of the analyte element from the cathode, which are subsequently collisionally excited to produce radiation characteristic of the analyte element. [ photo
HCI (human computer interaction) is the study of how people interact with computers and to what extent computers are or are not developed for successful interaction with human beings.
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Hard Contact Lens