Definitions for "Anode"
The positive pole of an electric battery, or more strictly the electrode by which the current enters the electrolyte on its way to the other pole; -- opposed to cathode.
The electrode (positive) that attracts negatively charged anions. The positive pole of an electrodialysis system.
(1)The positive pole. (2) In unipolar pacing systems, the anode is the pulse generator case; in bipolar systems, the anode is the proximal ring electrode on the pacing lead. It may also refer to the positive terminal on the pulse generator connector block or the positive terminal of a battery.
See Sacrificial Zinc Anode
a sacrificial element designed to save another
A component, usually made of zinc or magnesium, that pre-vents electrolysis or galvanic action in steel filters.
covalent radius ground state liquid polyprotic acid titration
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The anode generally consists of graphic coated phosphors. Both graphics and phosphors are conductors.
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