Definitions for "GizMO"
Gizmo (also known as Mikron O’Jeneus) is a fictional character, a supervillain from DC Comics. He was created by George Perez and Marv Wolfman, and he first appeared in The New Teen Titans #3 (January 1981) as a founding member of the Fearsome Five, a supervillain team that frequently fought the Teen Titans and the Outsiders.
Gizmo is a black and white comic book series created by Michael Dooney and published by Mirage Studios in May of 1986. It tells about the story of two space adventurers: Gizmo Sprocket, a robot with a cool attitude and Fluffy Brockleton, a dog-like character. They are accompanied by Soto, a sentient, pan-dimensional space vehicle that resembles a trailer truck.
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A generic word for a fancy invention. Americans love gizmos, especially ones that have more than one function, such a thing that is a cork screw, a bottle opener and a nailfile. What else would you call such a thing
a thing that is endowed with spirit
a thing that is filled with spirit and therefor speaks
any gadget designed to technologically enhance a moustache's splendour
a brand name for a winterizing accessory, that is used to seal off the return line, in the skimmer of an inground pool. Also. acts as an ice-compensator to help protect the skimmer from possible freeze-thaw damage.
Many companies use fancier high-tech names, but we call it the gizmo! The 'gizmo' (adapter) converts voice signals from your telephone into the digital "IP" format required for transmission over your broadband connection. The gizmo is small and fits neatly next to your phone. It plugs into your modem or router and into your phone.
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a loose meat sandwich (which the state fair needs more of in my opinion) made up of Italian sausage and ground beef
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IRIS Showcase groups sets of related commands and tools into gizmos. For example, all of the tools that let you check spelling and search for words are in the Spell/Search gizmo. You access gizmos from the Gizmos menu.
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something whose name is either forgotten or not known
a device with so many features and so many promises that it can never be mastered within its own useful lifetime
an interactive "container" full of text, video and audio that can be easily mailed to friends
A catch-all expression for any electronic system on an F1 car.
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a device that is very useful for a particular job