Definitions for "GDS"
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Global Depositary Share
GDS is a numbering plan for the global video and voice over IP network test bed, developed by ViDeNet. It resembles the international telephone system numbering plan, with some exceptions. With the GDS, you can number each participating videoconferencing endpoint, MCU conference and gateway. GDS provides easy, uniform dialling throughout the world . Each basic number consists of four parts: International Access CodeCountry CodeOrganizational PrefixEndpoint Number. More information on the GDS and the Numerical Addressing Space Management (NASM) working group overseeing its development can be found at: and
Global Distribution System - worldwide booking system such as Sabre or Galileo [Submitted by pixuk
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See Group Desk Suite. (batterie de pupitres de codage – BPDC)
Group Desk Suite. Group of desks where operators manually convert the postal code on letters to a bar code that the letter sorting machine can read. This machine also does a basic sort preparing letters for the sorting machine according to machine plan. (batterie de pupitres de codage – BPDC)
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Geriatric Depression Scale
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Ground Data System
A method defined by EAN.UCC for sharing data between suppliers and retailers.
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Gross Debt Service. The ratio of the borrowers annual income relative to annual mortgage payments, property taxes, condo fees and allowance for heat. Most lenders prefer this not to be higher than 32%.
Growth and Development Summit
Green Development Services
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graduate destination survey
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Google Desktop Search
(Advanced Security Administrator's Guide)