Definitions for "gcc "
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The GNU Compiler Collection contains frontends for C, C++, Objective-C, Fortran, Java, and Ada as well as libraries for these languages. It is a full-featured ANSI C compiler with support for K&R C as well.
Compiles C and C++ programs 1210
GNU C-Compiler (Unix)
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Global Collecting Centres
Global Cricket Corporation
Global climate change. Global climate change is a significant alteration from one climatic condition to another, beyond the usual alterations in various climates throughout the globe, as the result of human activities. The greatest of these is fossil fuel combustion, which traps greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that cause gradual changes in Earth’s temperatures over hundreds of years. The term “global warming” may also be used but refers more specifically to temperature, whereas global climate change encompasses the broader changes associated with elevated greenhouse gas levels, such as dryer deserts, increased numbers of hurricanes, and warmer oceans. Learn more about global climate change.
Group correspondence courses offered through the chapter and the EGA. See our GCC page for more details.
Gift Creations Concept a buying group to which dealers belong.
Government Coordinating Committee
Gifted Children Coordinator - Appointed representative who provides helpful information to parents of gifted children.
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Gray Cat Club
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Generic Conference Control
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Glossary of Terms