Definitions for "Troposphere"
the layer of the Earth's atmosphere in which our weather occurs; about 20 km high at the equator, and 10-15 km high at mid-latitudes.
Lowermost layer of the atmosphere in which air temperature falls steadily with increasing altitude. 0 - 6 miles above the earth's surface. Rain clouds form in this layer of atmosphere.
The lower region of the atmosphere throughout which temperature in general decreases as height increases, and within which occur practically all clouds and the various other phenomena normally styled 'weather'. The upper boundary of the region is known as the tropopause. The height of the tropopause varies with the latitude from all average of about 5.5 miles in polar regions to about 11 miles at the equator, but the height also varies from summer to winder and with the general meteorological situation. (See Stratosphere).