Definitions for "First position"
Viewing/experiencing the world through one's own eyes and with one's body. See Associated.
Experiencing the world from your own perspective; being associated into yourself and your body.
Experiencing the world form your own point of view and being in touch with your own reality. One of the three main perceptual positions, the others being second and third or meta position. Together these give a multiple description.
The lowest hand position (nearest the nut) used in normal playing, as for "open" chords, i.e., those using open strings.
An standard ending position that always results in a win for the attacking side. First Position is discussed in my endings page.
Feet together, toes forward and slightly turned out CALLS Home, Center, Together
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The Player sitting to the left of the big blind.
The player on the immediate left of the dealer. In Hold 'Em this player is first to act throughout the game
The person sitting directly to the left of the dealer.
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The first person to act in a hand.