Definitions for "ACUITy"
Sharpness or acuteness, as of a needle, wit, etc.
The sharpness, clearness, or distinctness with which one is able to hear a sound.
clearness or sharpness, usually of vision
Fluorescence Overdose
Hormonal Overdose
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Germanium Pantetheine
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Erythromycin Papillary
1) The sensitivity of the ears to very soft sounds. 2) The acquired ability of an audiophile to hear and to assess the subtle qualitative attributes of reproduced sound.
degree of ability to resolve detail
the fineness of detail the eye can distinguish, see resolution
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Dystonia Prevalence
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Fatigue Pathologic
Used, most often in hospital settings, to describe the intensity of a person's needs for care.
the intensity of care needed by nursing home residents based on a comprehensive physical, mental, and psychosocial assessment. Acuity levels largely determine the amount of resources (in terms of nurse and therapist staff time) a particular resident or a class of residents will need.
Adaptive Work-Centered User Interface Technology utilizes semantic technology in an ontology-based approach to modeling and implementing intelligent user interfaces.
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See stereo acuity.