Definitions for "Exemplar"
A model, original, or pattern, to be copied or imitated; a specimen; sometimes; an ideal model or type, as that which an artist conceives.
A copy of a book or writing.
A book from which another is copied.
a handwriting sample that is known to be genuine
Exemplars are samples of work that demonstrate the essential characteristics of performance to meet particular standards or criteria. They are frequently used in assessment against rubrics.
A biological sample (such as blood or saliva) collected from a known individual to be used for comparison to DNA test results from evidence samples. Also referred to as a standard.
a representative cDNA sequence for each gene
a single nucleotide sequence taken directly from a public database
a part representing a whole, e.g., a single organism which represents an OTU.
An alphabet in a lettering style; can be decorative or used for study. Exemplar of Gothic capitals Ductus of Gothic capitals
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a replica of the actual item which was involved
a complete object definition to be reproduced, either by creating a new object definition or by modifying an existing object definition of the same name and object type
an application that satisfies a very few real functional requirements of the organization, but most of the non-functional requirements for its applications
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a real problem that is typical of a category of problems
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a typical example of something