Definitions for "Functional specification"
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The specification and presentation of how a 3dOnThe.Net software product is to be configured for a specific client.
The functional specification is developed during the Define phase of the project. Taken with the site plan and wireframes, it helps to define all the features of the site, including how key systems such as the search or a jobs module might work. Compare this with the description of the Technical specification.
see Requirements Specification
A deliverable that describes a solution, product feature set, or other final project deliverable in explicit detail.
A written statement detailing what a system will do.
a written document that describes the application to be created in detail
An overview of the business problem addressed by a proposed system, the way work practices will change, and the project's benefits, costs, and risks.
an outline, a presentation of what the finished program will look like and how it will work
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