Definitions for "EXCLUSIVE REMEDY"
Keywords:  sue, injured, tort, remedy, workers
The premise on which the Workers' Compensation system is based: workers gave up the right to sue the employer in exchange for medical care for payment for their injuries.
The legal doctrine which says that an employee's exclusive remedy or relief for a work-related injury or illness are those benefits due him/her under the state's workers' compensation statute and which are either self-funded by the employer or secured through an insurance policy. If not for the “exclusive remedy” provision, then employees injured as a result of an employer's negligence, for example, might be able to also successfully sue that employer for damages in a tort claim.
The right to the recovery of benefits as provided in the Workers' Compensation Act shall be the employee's exclusive remedy against the employer for a personal work related injury or occupational disease. The only exception to this is an intentional tort.