Definitions for "TPD"
Temporary Partial Disability. A wage replacement benefit that may be paid when you return to work but at less than full earnings. Sometimes referred to as Wage Loss.
Temporary Partial Disability: checks for 66% of your earnings loss
Total and Permanent Disability
Therapeutic Products Directorate. Like the FDA, this Canadian regulatory body oversees the development and marketing of pharmaceuticals, therapeutic use of narcotics, controlled and restricted drugs, medical devices and biological products.
Technical Product Deliverables
Therapeutic Products Directorate (Canada) Responsible for the regulation — including evaluation and monitoring for safety, effectiveness, and quality — of pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices, and other therapeutic products available to Canadians.
Talent Pool Development. a system for the development of a population of employees who have a distribution of current and future potential capability to discharge the company's current and future human resourcing requirements. The system includes talent pool mapping, selection, recruitment, mentoring, lateral transfers and other methods of individual career development
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Tons Per Day
Tonnes per day
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See Transfer Partnership Degree