Definitions for "Exchange Company"
A company that allows timesharing owners to trade their week for a week at another esort. There are two major Exchange Company's; ( R.C.I. ), and II ( Interval International ). There is a small exchange fee.
A company or organization that accepts timeshare weeks on deposit from its interval owners/members to establish a pool of weeks from which other members may select the resort and vacation times of their choice. When a member deposits their week with an exchange company, the company compares the week the depositor is asking for with weeks deposited by other members and provides a suitable match based on availability and value. Factors affecting the exchange value are: the resort's rating, the time division; i.e. prime season versus low season, the size of the unit desired, etc. Read more about timeshare exchange.
The organizational body by which Vacation Property owners may deposit or exchange vacation weeks. Vacation Property owners pay a membership fee to the exchange company and may also pay additional modest fees for services. The two largest and most influential exchange companies are Resort Condominiums International and Interval International.