Definitions for "Trading Power"
A term used for the value assigned to a member's deposited vacation time and to the related exchange request.
An XPRESSTRADE customer's margin excess, which determines what orders may be placed. Trading Power is calculated as the difference between adjusted total equity and the current Initial margin requirement. This is a measure of the equity in the account that has not already been pledged as collateral, or margin, on existing open positions.
The assessed value of a timeshare week when trading or exchanging for another week within the same, or different, resort. In some situations, the owner of a red week at an RCI Gold Crown resort can trade that week for two or more weeks at a resort of lessor distinction or for weeks in a lower time division. Supply and demand rules prevail in this type of exchange and the owners can greatly enhance their trading power by purchasing high demand weeks and resorts. Read more about trading power and exchange.