Definitions for "Bonus Time"
Discounted rental time available for owner's use in addition to the week(s) owned. Always subject to availability. There are two major categories - one being the ability to call your own resort and request a rental, the other being the ability to call an exchange company and request a rental.The term Bonus Time usually refers to calling your own resort and requesting say a weekend, typically no more than 14 days in advance. Rental of time from an exchange company is officially given a different term such as RCI's "Vacation EscapesĀ®". The rates on these are very good and the space becomes available in resorts where there is an excess of availability, which is most usually NOT during the high season.
Time in your resort in addition to your regular allocated time on a space available basis. Back to the top
Bonus time is use of a resort in addition to regular allocated time on a space available basis. A Developer Bonus Week (DBW) is available to members who own timeshares only at a participating resort. These bonus weeks are issued directly from the resort, often issued as a signing bonus upon the purchase of a timeshare interval. Sometimes owners can purchase bonus weeks from the resort as unsold developer-owned weeks. A second type of bonus week is one issued by an exchange company. Owners of high-demand resort weeks receive them as incentives to deposit their timeshare week.
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