Definitions for "Email address"
The information used by Internet mail programs to sent email to a user through the Internet, usually expressed as: [email protected]
An email address is similar to a postal address except the messages go to your computer and not through your letter box. Your email address will be unique to you.
A code representing a unique email user on the Internet. Examples might include - [email protected] [email protected]
a good example of an identifier in a distributed system, that nobody in his right mind (other than the defunct Compuserve system) would replace it with a number (auto-number or otherwise)
a name, as is a free-phone number
a personal identifier, like a name, a social security number, or a telephone number, and to have someone selling and trading it like so much contraband is an affront to our sense of personal privacy
a basic piece of data about your donor, member, supporter, or affiliate
a good idea if your job will take a long time or if you don't care to watch the slow progress of the output page
a valuable resource to communicate with the individuals in your audience as potential customers and repeat visitors
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a different beastie
a great tool for surveys
a powerful management tool to be applied liberally
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a little bit like a mobile phone with an answering machine attached to it
a required field
a requirement of participation
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a good way to initially make contact
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a MUST if you are outside the U
a method of specifying a given person on a specific machine
where a person receives his or her email on the Internet (It requires a contract with a SERVICE PROVIDER).