Definitions for "Mail eXchanger"
Keywords:  subdomain, dns, openvms, forward, mta
A server used to send or receive Internet mail. Specifically, MX refers to a type of DNS record that specifies the server handling the mail for a given host or domain.
A Mail eXchanger is a type of DNS record that allows you to redirect mail for a given domain or subdomain. MX records can be set on a host-by-host basis to point to other hosts on the Internet (usually with permanent connections) that are set up to accept and/or route mail for your hostname(s). Setting a Backup MX makes the entry you specify a secondary mail exchanger. This means that delivery will be attempted to your host first, and then to the host you specify if that fails. () () () () () ()
a computer that receives mail for another domain name
Keywords:  relay, network, system
A system used to relay mail into a network.
Resource records that are used in e-mail applications to find a mail server that corresponds to the destination address in an e-mail.