Definitions for "SPF"
un rotection actor. A world-wide rating system for measuring the amount of protection from ultraviolet radiation that a sun lotion gives.
SPF measures the effectiveness of sunscreen on the body. the test for SPF is done by using a living organism or body to measure the length of time it takes for the skin to redden without coverage or protection.
Scale for rating sunscreens. Sunscreens with an SPF of 15 or higher provide the best protection from the sun's harmful rays.
shortest path first algorithm. Routing algorithm that iterates on length of path to determine a shortest-path spanning tree. Commonly used in link-state routing algorithms. Sometimes called Dijkstra's algorithm. See also link state routing algorithm.
shortest path first calculation.
A class of routing update protocols that uses Dijkstra's algorithm to compute shortest paths.
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(Sender Policy Framework) An extension of the protocol for sending e-mail which allows the recipient server to verify that the sending server is authorized to send e-mail for a given domain name. The goal of SPF is to reduce spam by making it harder for spammers to falsify their identities. Currently in use by AOL.
Sender policy framework. Allows mail servers to distinguish forgeries from "genuine" e-mail from a domain; works before the message body is transmitted, saving ISPs and other e-mail recipients the bandwidth cost of downloading the message and the cost of filtering it.
Sender Policy Framework, an extension to the SMTP mail protocol on the Internet. It tries to determine the legitimacy of an email message by comparing the domain in the sender's email address to a list of computers allowed to send mail from that domain. See for more information.
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Specified Pathogen Free is a designation used to describe the health status of animals. It means that a specific list of potentially infectious organisms have been tested for, and not found in an animal or group of animals.
Specific pathogen free. Animals that have been shown by the use of appropriate tests to be free from specified pathogenic microorganisms, and also refers to eggs derived from SPF birds. .
SPECIFIC PATHOGEN FREE. Defines the health status of animals raised free of specific disease organisms.
An acronym for “Sprayed Polyurethane Foam” – This sophisticated, rigid, leak and weather resistant material is used for foam roofing systems and as an excellent insulation.
Abbreviation for super plastic forming. This is a thermal processing procedure designed to create semi-finished components by forming them at temperatures that allow the metal to plastically form around a mold.
Sprayed Polyurethane Foam. A monolithic sprayed-on roofing material with a high R-value; formed when isocyanate ("A" component) and resin ("B" component) are mixed at a 1:1 ratio.
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Means spruce/pine/balsam fir species of trees.
Canadian woods of similar characteristics that are grouped as one lumber type for production and marketing purposes. Kiln-dried SPF lumber is used as a structural framing material in all types of residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural building applications. SPF species range in colour from white to pale yellow.
Canadian woods of similar characteristics that are grouped as one lumber type for production and marketing purposes. SPF species range in color from white to pale yellow. EPS (épinette-pin-sapin)
S phase promoting factor) A heterodimeric protein, composed of a cyclin and cyclin-dependent kinase (Cdk), that triggers entrance of a cell into the S phase of the cell cycle by inducing expression of proteins required for DNA replication and passage through the S phase.
Seasonal Performance Factor. Ratio of useful energy output of a device to the energy input, averaged over an entire heating season.
Still Picture Interchange File Format
Still Picture Interchange Format (SPIFF), Official JPEG format. Lossless compression, supports text datafields, thumbnails, alternative color spaces. There is not a lot of support for this format, but it is designed to be read by applications that can handle jpg.
Release into the Forebay within 0.5 km upstream of Spillway
Standard Project Flood. A hypotentical flood resulting from the most severe combination of meteorological and hydrological conditions that are reasonably characteristic of a region. It is comparable to historical great floods which have been reported.
SPF is an Australian software company with its head office in Sydney. It provides OLAP, business performance management and business intelligence solutions.
South Pacific Forum
Scottish Partnership Forum
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structured programming facility. n. An IBM product that is a full-screen editor.
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special-purpose forces