Definitions for "EAD"
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Encoding Archival Description. An SGML-based metadata format developed for the description of archives.
Encoded Archival Description, an SGML/XML dtd for the description of archival finding aids that reflects the hierarchical arrangement of archival materials. EAD provides a framework for information storage, retrieval and display on the World Wide Web. Maintained by SAA with web support from the Library of Congress.
Encoded Archival Description: Method for encoding archival materials in XML (EAD uses XML)
The abbreviation for an Employment Authorization Document.
Employment Authorization Document. A laminated government card bearing your photo you receive after successfully applying for permission to work. It has beginning and ending dates of your authorized employment.
Employment Authorization Document. See Citizenship / Alien Status
Equivalent aerodynamic diameter. The EAD of a particle of any shape or density is defined as the diameter of a sphere of unit density, that is, 1.0 g/cm3, which exhibits the same aerodynamic behaviour as the particle in question.
Equivalent Air Depth - The depth at which air would cause as much decompression obligation as nitrox with a given O2 concentration at a given depth
Equivalent Air Depth. A means of equating gas mixes (such as Nitrox) to air.
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echelon(s) above division
echelons above division
Expedited Application Docket. The CPUC offers an alternate procedure for handling requests for approval of special service contracts between public utilities and their gas or electric customers, who may bypass the utility system due to the availability of alternate sources of supply. As soon as an application is filed, a workshop is scheduled at the end of a 20-day period, during which protests can be filed and questions asked of utility representatives. The Commission then votes on the workshop recommendation at the next regularly scheduled meeting, where appropriate.
European Anthropometric Database
(European AIS Database) European database containing static data (–). Thanks to its high degree of automation, EAD helps to reduce errors and increase safety. It is an important element in the future Europe-wide AIM (–).
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Elite Athlete s Disability
Environmental Affairs Department
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Extended Active Duty