Definitions for "Employment Authorization"
This paper gives you the right to work in Canada. It lists the name of your employer, the type of work you can do (live-in caregiving), and when you must renew your Authorization. You must always get a new Authorization with the name of your new employer on it before you start a new job. You must also renew your Authorization, or get a new employer before the expiry date listed in the box which says "Valid Until ..." Back
Employment authorization is permission granted an immigrant to work in the U.S.; it may be associated with various immigration statuses but is not an immigration status in itself. See Citizenship and Alien Status Definitions WAC 388-424-0001/Clarifying Information #9
permission granted by Citizenship and Immigration Canada to international post-secondary students who have completed a community college or university program and wish to work for up to one year in employment related to their field of study. Authorization may also be available in other situations. See First Steps (employment section).